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Coduri GTA: Vice City Stories PSP

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Coduri GTA: Vice City Stories PSP

Postby F-kO » Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:27 pm

Down,Left,Up,L1,R1,Triangle,Circle,X: Perfect Traction (Press Down to 'Jump' in Cars)
Right,Down,Circle,Circle,L1,R1,Down, X: Commit Suicide
L1,R1,L1,R1,Left,Circle,Up,X: All Cars are Black
Down,Up,Right,Triangle,L1,Triangle,L1,Triangle: Spawn Trashmaster
Right,L1,Down,L1,Circle,Up,L1,Square: Guys Follow You
Right,Up,Left,Down,Triangle,Triangle,L1,R1: Chrome Cars
Up,Down,Left,Right,X,X,L1,R1: Get $250000
Left,Left,Circle,Circle,Down,Up,Triangle,X: Slower Gameplay
Left,Left,R1,R1,UP,Triangle,Down,X: Faster Gameplay
Up,L1,Down,R1,Left,Circle,Right,Triangle: Peds Have Weapons
Down,Triangle,Up,X,L1,R1,L1,R1: Peds Attack You
R1,L1,L1,Down,Left,Circle,Down,L1: Peds Riot
Up,Down,Left,Right,Square,Square,L1,R1: Armor
Up,Down,Left,Right,Circle,Circle,L1,R1: Health
Up,Right,Square,Square,Down,Left,Circle,Circle: Raise Wanted Level
Left,Down,R1,L1,Right,Up,Left,Circle: Sunny Weather
Left,Down,R1,L1,Right,Up,Left,X: Clear Weather
Left,Down,L1,R1,Right,Up,Left,Square: Overcast Weather
Left,Down,L1,R1,Right,Up,Left,Triangle: Rainy Weather
Left,Down,Triangle,X,Right,Up,Left,L1: Foggy Weather
UP,L1,Down,R1,Left,L1,Right,R1: Spawn Rhino
R1,L1,L1,Down,Up,X,Down,L1: Faster Clock
L1,R1,R1,Left,Right,Square,Down,R1: Destroy All Cars
Left,Right,X,Up,Down,Square,Left,Right: Weapon Set 1
Left,Right,Square,Up,Down,Triangle,Left,Right: Weapon Set 2
Left,Right,Triangle,Up,Down,Circle,Left,Right: Weapon Set 3
Up,Up,Right,Left,Triangle,Circle,Circle,Square: Cars Avoid You
Up,Up,Up,Triangle,Triangle,Circle,L,R: 100% of MP Content
Up,Up,Up,X,X,Square,R,L: 75% of MP Content
Up,Up,Up,Circle,Circle,X,L,R: 50% of MP Content
Up,Up,Up,Square,Square,Triangle,R,L: 25% of MP Content
Square,Square,Square,L1,L1,R1,Left,Right: Upside Down Mode 1
Left,Left,Left,R1,R1,L1,Right,Left: Upside Down Mode 2
Down,Up,Right,L1,L1,Square,Up,L1: Nearest Ped Gets in Your Vehicle (Only Works When Inside of Vehicle)
Up,Right,Triangle,Triangle,Down,Left,X,X: Lower Wanted Level
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Re: Coduri GTA: Vice City Stories PSP

Postby iker29th » Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:58 pm

Ai dat si tu copy-paste de pe net, macar daca lucrai tu la el 8-|
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Re: Coduri GTA: Vice City Stories PSP

Postby Francisc » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:35 pm

Chiar daca a dat copy sau nu, e bine ca le-a pus. :ymhug:

Re: Coduri GTA: Vice City Stories PSP

Postby Ervin » Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:55 pm

Îmi pare bine că aici cel puţin codul de arme îţi dă şi minigun..

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Re: Coduri GTA: Vice City Stories PSP

Postby Francisco » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:44 pm

Topic Closed. Puteti gasi parolele pentru PC, PSP si PS2 traduse in romana, in sectiunea Vice City Stories.
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